Little Things

The dryer repairman just left, having discovered the reason our dryer suddenly stopped working last week.

It was actually several reasons, all of them in the blower fan.


  • One marble
  • One pair of dice
  • One glass heart, and
  • One LEGO foot

Attention small boys in my home:

Please be advised that in order to make up for the dryer bill, I expect extra help around the house, extra hugs and kisses, extra nice behavior towards your fellow small children (and even the medium sized ones) and extra talk about how fabulous your mother is.

Oh yeah, and empty your pockets!



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5 responses to “Little Things

  1. HAHAHAHA! I feel your pain! After the short snake we have did not unplug our toilet, we rented a really long one, that did not work either. As a last resort before calling the plumber, my husband took the toilet off. What did we find?

    A pair of childs underwear
    The toilet paper roll holder (you know the part that goes through the roll)
    A couple of small lids
    A toy wooden dog

    The best part is my son (2.5 at the time) woke up, and came down stairs, and we got it all on video him seeing the toilet flipped over in the bathtub, and all the stuff my husband pulled out. His expressions were PRICELESS.

  2. Oh my! Guess they better learn to empty their pockets, eh?

  3. A few months ago we had a magenta crayon run through the dryer. We did not incur a repair bill, but magenta stripes were all the rage in fashion around here for a while…


  4. Lonni

    We’ve had things fall in when we open the lint trap on top of our dryer to clean it! Glad your kids got their “expensive” treasures back. 😉

  5. ah I feel your pain

    it’s usually small stones in our house

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