The Silent Treatment

The view from my desk through the snow yesterday

I lost my voice today.

I’ve been fighting a cold and getting sicker and sicker, until this morning when I woke without the ability to speak at all.

I went through the day scribbling notes, gesturing and occasionally squeaking and whispering out a few words.

The funny thing is, it was kind of nice at times.  And I’m pretty sure I was a better mother for it.

  • When I went to wake up Anna, I couldn’t holler from the doorway so I jostled her arm and did the “I love you” sign when she opened her eyes.
  • When I needed Jack to do something, I went over to him, touched his shoulders to get his attention, got down to his level  and very quietly whispered what I wanted.
  • When Alex and I rested in the bath together, both of us feeling pretty miserable, I just wordlessly smiled at him and kissed his cheek.  He wordlessly smiled back.

Don’t let that magical part fool you.

With four children, I can be a loud mother!

I am frequently hollering “Anna, be nice to your brother!” from the next room, “Jack, please set the table for dinner!” up the stairs and “Alex, stop throwing things off the bunk bed!” from the doorway.

Today was a nice change from that.

There is something to be said for having to get very close and speak very softly.

Of course, it makes it really hard to answer the phone when that important phone call comes!

My voice is coming back already and it should be fine tomorrow.

Just the same, I think I’ll give it a rest.  🙂


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7 responses to “The Silent Treatment

  1. Glad you found your lesson in this experience. Silence is sometimes a precious thing.

  2. Ada

    Ah, I had something wickedly similar in the fall. It was nice to be silent for a bit, and hard ’cause my 4 yo can be challenging (can’t they all?). Feel better soon mama!

  3. Caitlyn

    Thanks for this great reminder. I think I’ll practice more quietness, more closeness.

  4. katherine marie

    I think it is amazing how we find our “mother voice” in so many different ways… blogging, touch, art… THANKS for THAT reminder. HOPE you feel BETTER very soon.

  5. Beth

    I had the same experience when I was sick and found that my kids were quieter too – my 4 yo was whispering all day. It was a blessing to be forced to be quiet, it opened my eyes. Hope you are feeling better – this is my first time visting, beautiful blog = )

  6. Lucina

    First real parenting blog I have seen, and I love it. I have a four year old and I am now finding out how challenging they can be.

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