10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!

I’m a bit under the weather so I’m going to get right to things!

Here’s a few ways to make some magical days this week…

1.  Clean out some bottles from ketchup, syrup and other food items from the recycling bin and let the kids use them for their drinks at dinner.

2.  Then fill those bottles or some others with colored water and decorate the snowbanks!

3.  Then take some of that colored water (make it bright!) and bottles, and grab some white t-shirts.  Hang them up outside or in the shower and have the kids squirt designs on them.  Let them dry and then they can wear their creations.  When you wash them, most of it will fade so you’ll just have to do it again!

4.  Start watching a TV series or favorite movie series with one or more of your children (my girls and I have started having 80’s movie nights), and make a special time to watch it together.  Make some treats, turn down the lights and make it a special time together.

5.  Take some pipe cleaners and have the kids string all different types of cereal on them for the birds.  Hang them where you can see them from the windows and see which cereal the birds like best!

6.  Raid the recycling bin again and also gather natural materials, and make all sorts of little boats together.  Next bath time, let your child float her own regatta.

7.  Here’s one for your mamas in summer time right now!  Scroll down to see what happens to these little decorated bottles when the child unscrews the cap!

8.  Find a good radio station (you can listen to ones from around the world online!) and dance like fools together.

9. Make neon mashed potatoes.  Whip up a batch and then divide it in half.  Mix a bit of beet juice in one (a little goes a long way — you won’t taste it and it will make it a lovely bright pink!) and some sprinkles of turmeric in the other (for bright yellow-gold).  Put the two bowls out at supper and let the kids mix and match colors.

10. Stuff a duvet cover with pillows and make a crash pad for the rec room or basement.  Kids can safely jump from the couch or other high(ish) place onto a padded landing spot.  (Thanks to the book “The Out of Sync Child Has Fun” for this and billions of other fun ideas!)

And with that, chickadees, I’m off to gargle with some salt water and make up a crazy grated onion-honey concoction someone swears will cure me.

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don’t forget to take care of you!


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5 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Thanks for the great ideas. We’re gonna do the bird feeder today! Sending ~healing~ thoughts your way!

  2. Ah, happy thoughts right before bedtime. Thank you for these posts! By the way, number 7 works great in the bath, because you will likely end up refilling those bottles for hours on end! Might as well re-use that water and get hair washed in a fun way 😉

  3. katherine marie

    You are so INCREDIBLE!! I hope you feel better soon!!

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  5. Love that bird feeder idea. So clever.

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