10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Apologies for my long absence!  I had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday with my family and then I pulled something in my neck and have been rather miserable for a few days.

So let’s get to some ways to add some magic to the days this week then, shall we?  🙂

1.  Make up some mashed potatoes with supper and put out pastry bags with all different tips.  Let the kids pipe all sorts of fabulous designs on their plates and eat them up!

2.  Get some prom dresses and other fabulous get-ups from friends, family and thrift stores, and wear them around the house!  What’s more magical than wearing this sort of thing to do some watercolor painting?  (Cost: $4 during a half-off evening at a thrift store!)

3.  Put some really healthy juices in well-cleaned squirt guns (or squirt toys) and let the kids drink from them.  If the juices are stain-producing, do it in the bathtub.

4.  Try a sport you’ve never tried together — skiing, roller blading, ice skating, climbing, skijoring, whatever.

5.  Print out this cute little Yeti calendar for January from Curiosity Group and then collect the other 11 as the year goes on!

6.  Grab a wall calendar and your kids, and come up with a “word for the week” to write in each Sunday throughout the year.  Then aim to do things to reflect that word during that week.  You don’t have to have ideas in mind when you pick your words, just write them down!  Possibilities — blue, cats, hug, spaghetti, hats, swordfish, thankful… Then improvise about what to do to celebrate your word that week — crafts, meals, outfits, nice deeds, books to read together — be creative!

7.  Give the kids chocolate chips to use for homework helpers.

8.  Use items in the recycling bin to make robots, aliens, jewelry, hats, towns, blocks or other play items.  Give the kids a challenge and materials, and see what they come up with.

9.  Make some winter stepping stones.  My Shtub shows you how (but asks not to use her pictures so you have to go peek yourself).  Aren’t they gorgeous???

10. Get out a pile of stained, ruined, unloved clothing and a pile of permanent markers.  You can guess what comes next.  🙂


Ornament updatetwo more families sent ornaments last week (thank you so much!!!), for a total of 16 families who sent ornaments.  I sent a $30 donation to the Princess Zev Foundation today as a thank you.  Thank you so much to all of the families who helped replace our lost ornaments with such treasures! I can’t tell you how special the ornaments have been to all of us and how we treasure them.

And with that, my dearies, I’m off to read some books to some marvelous small people and perhaps sneak some chocolate.

Have a magical week!



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3 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Thank you so much for posting my project. I wish I could share my pics but unfortunately there are terrible people in this world that steal pictures of children with Down syndrome and mock them, I just can’t take chances.I hope you continue to follow! Thanks again

  2. katherine marie

    number 8!!! I am always amazed at what kind of inspiration we can find in the trash and recycle bins!!! 🙂

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