Goals 2011

I am not much of a resolution kind of person, but I do love a good list of goals.  Here’s my things to keep on working on for the new year…

  1. Laugh more.
  2. Smile more.
  3. Make lots of green smoothies.
  4. Read aloud every day.
  5. Hug my sweeties (big and little).
  6. Say yes to scary (good) opportunities.
  7. Spend more time in the sun with the kids, even when it’s 5 degrees out.
  8. Explore new places.
  9. Pretend to be good at housework.
  10. …?

I’m not sure what number 10 will be.  There’s a whole lot of year to fill it in with the perfect goal!

What’s on your list?  Make it fun!

Happy New Year!



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6 responses to “Goals 2011

  1. Alyssa

    I LOVE #9. I bet a lot of us can pretend together.

  2. The first one is more joy. I’m still workin’ on the rest!
    Best wishes to you on fulfilling your goals!

  3. Send cards (or more) and say yes more often are two off mine. I’ve not really given it much (special) thought though… Maybe I should put that on a list!

  4. I’m very into #9 as well. Maybe I could pull off pretending to be a good hostess as well. 🙂

  5. katherine marie

    I’m with Cindy above… number nine isn’t on my list, but maybe it would be fun to ENJOY that!! i wish you a beautiful 2011!

  6. Those sound like great goals to me!! Pretty similar to mine too. I’m working on moving more, stressing less and being in the moment. You know, the usual New Year/New You sorts of things. Also ridding my home of 2,011 items in 2011 🙂 That should be fun too

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