Our Ornament Update

We’ve received more ornaments from families since I last reported.  Our tree is now filled with so much new sentimentality, whimsy and so many stories, thanks to you all!

With every package that arrived, we all gathered and opened the ornaments together and read the stories or notes inside.  One family even sent a bird for the tree (a fabulous, well loved one!), which was perfect because it was our tradition to have our “Christmas budgie” who was lost with all of the rest of ours.  We loved reading the stories and seeing what people sent!

There have been handmade, child-made, brand new and well loved, from as far away as Australia.  Two mothers sent ornaments from their own grandmothers.  We adore them all and I can’t stop smiling when I see our tree now!

Thank you to Kim, Claire, Jessie, Melissa, Eva, Jennifer, Lonni and families!

Here’s an updated collage of the most recent additions…

I’ve decided that from now on I collect ornaments.  🙂  I plan to get some when we travel and for new memories.  We also plan to leave the tree up for a while still, and keep making new ornaments and decorating it with any more that come in.

I can’t thank you enough for helping to turn out loss into such a happy new collection!

I’ll post an update of the final totals and donate in honor of Zev soon.

Happy Monday!



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10 responses to “Our Ornament Update

  1. Kim

    They look beautiful!!!!!

    I see mine! Sorry about no note. sometimes if things wait for a note, they don’t get sent! Ours were ornaments that our church was no longer using. I hope they continue to add color to your tree for many years.

  2. Thanks for sending them, and thanks for the back story. 🙂

  3. Hey! I see mine (now yours 😉 too! We sent the red glittery snowflakes 🙂 We had a few of them and decided to send you a couple… We actually decorated just the top half of our tree this year because we have a toddler 😉 So next year ( I hope 😉 our family can hang up our red snowflakes at the same time as your family! Best Wishes and Many Blessings for the new year!

  4. The girls were really happy to see ours there, i thought it would be annother week before it made it there! Now if we could just get hubby to let us keep our tree up but alas being real it is starting to look a little worse for wear.:)


  5. We were so thrilled to get one from so far away, and amazed at how fast it got here! It’s such a fun one too. 🙂 And yes, one advantage of having an artificial tree is you can certainly delay taking them down a long time! Thanks again!

  6. Lonni

    I think that is so awesome that you got several and from all over the place! What fun to see the one we picked hanging on your tree. 🙂 My youngest had a hard time parting with it after we bought it but it “belongs” to you…because it so reminds me of you and your girls.

  7. katherine marie

    What a BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION!!! Life-time treasures!!!!

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