10 Ways to Make Today Magical

(Art by Victoria)

Happy Monday!

I had so much fun reading your comments from my silliness assignment the other day that I’ve swiped 10 of them for today’s list of ways to make the day magical.

There are lots more than these 10 (I love the sheet cake story!), so be sure to check the original post to see them all!

  1. Build a snow dragon or a snow house.
  2. Answer Jeopardy! questions with funny made-up words.
  3. Smear shaving cream on the table and have the miniature road grader “plow the snow off the roads” so the HotWheel cars can drive around in it.
  4. Run a pet-sitting service for stuffed animals.
  5. Play follow the leader around a German Christmas Market (or any market!).
  6. Use swirly pops for microphones.
  7. Sing silly songs, ask silly questions and finger paint.
  8. Have tickle wars.
  9. Next time the kids are arguing too much, say, “Okay, that’s it, no more talking in English. If you want to talk, you talk in another language.”  See what happens!
  10. Howl at the moon in the daytime.

Thanks for all the smiles and have a magical week!


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One response to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. katherine marie

    Number three sure sounds like my kinda fun! :):)

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