Today’s Assignment

Wednesday’s Assignment:

Do 10 silly things with your kids.

Extra credit if you post some of them here. 🙂


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9 responses to “Today’s Assignment

  1. Lonni

    Oooooh ooooh oooh! You always know the right questions. 🙂 We made cut out cookies last night and at the end of 2 hours of helping my kids with them, they noticed what a floury mess my dark colored pants and sweatshirt were and busted out laughing! Then I don’t even know how it started but they decided to decorate me with more flour by dipping cookie cutters in it and rubbing it on their hands then stamping all over me! Even the teen girl got in on it. 🙂 They cackled their heads off so much at getting to do this! So now I think we have a new tradition to look forward to each year. 😀

  2. sarajschmidt

    That’s something we do every day! 🙂 Let’s see, we…

    * Pretended that the lines in the bathroom floor were traps we had to disable or avoid while walking
    * Made our Funyan rings talk while we ate them
    * Drew Carebears and dogs and made them talk and play
    * Made an eclair cake and stuck some of the filling on each other’s noses
    * Had tickle wars
    * Answered Jeopardy! questions with funny made-up words
    * Then talked in a made-up language
    * Ran a pet-sitting service for stuffed animals
    * Used swirly pops for microphones
    * Howled at the moon in the daytime

  3. Foxmom

    My day doesn’t allow much time for big silly things since I only get a few hours in the evening with my twin toddlers. Aside from the usual silly songs and questions, etc that I think are de rigueur for this age we’re going to tackle finger painting tonight! First time so it I’m sure that silliness will abound. 😉

  4. Daisy

    Played follow the leader with my 16 month old around a German Christmas Market. (mostly him following me following him following me… Very dizzy!)

    And let him play with my lipstick. Oops. The cream carpets are not so happy! But it was worth it. His hair is pink. (Like his Daddy’s was when we first met *ahhh*)

    (I love your blog. It is beyond inspiring!! And so funny.)

  5. Amelia

    We built a snow dragon and a snow house (well three walls and a window made of ice)
    Not particularly silly perhaps but it made my not-quite-two year old giggle.

  6. My four year old thought “making” the bed was a laugh riot today. Good times!

  7. sharon

    the other day my mom dropped off a 1/2 of sheet cake left from a meeting she attended. my hubby and I were remembering our wedding & the cake smashing. to really appreciate it – we decided to reenact it only this time we paired up wtih our kids! what a hoot – cake and icing and giggles galore.

  8. Kathy

    My favorite silly time was while driving the kids to their school. They had been arguing too much that morning so I said, “Okay, that’s it, no more talking in English. If you want to talk, you talk in another language.”

    I knew they didn’t know any other language. But lo and behold, they began to speak in their own made up languages. They were so funny we all laughed and spoke our own anonymous languages the rest of the way to school.

  9. Lonni

    -Smeared shaving cream on the table and the miniature road grater “plowed the snow off the roads” so the Hotwheel cars could drive around in it.
    -Grabbed the stack of 20 or so cardboard boxes we keep for shipping things and threw them all in the livingroom for the kids to play with. First it was a pyramid since we’ve just been reading about Egypt. Then it became a fort/tunnel. Lots of screaming and giggling, chasing each other thru there and when it collapses on them! Later when I show them all the socks I balled up for a snowball fight I bet they’ll be building walls to hide behind!

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