10 Ways to Make Today Magical

How can it be the start of another week already?  The days are flying by!

Here’s a few ways to make them memorable along the way.  🙂

1.  Start saving a bunch of seeds and end bits from fruits and veggies you eat and plant them.  Use this list to find out all the fabulous things you can try to grow (without a garden, sometimes inside!) at home.

2.  Put out a muffin tin with colored water for your little one to do some color mixing.

If you have snow, bring in a pan of that to dribble the colored water onto too!

3.  Take your child to the library with the task of picking out any book at all to start as a new read-aloud.  Read it together at least once a day.

4.  Take your kids sledding.  No snow?  No problem!  Pull them around the kitchen on towels.

5.  Make some paper ornaments.

6.  Make the dining room table into a buffet restaurant for dinner.  Put out bowls of heated up leftovers, salad with bowls of topping, cut fruit and so on.  Assign each child the task of putting together two items for the buffet.  Younger kids can open a can of spaghettios and warm them up or slice fruit, and so on.  Older kids can make simple dishes or desserts to serve.   Then sit down and enjoy it together!

7.  Listen to music from another country, in whatever format you choose.  Have the kids take turns picking a country and a style of music to try here and then listen live (no special equipment needed in most cases).

8.  Go swimming!  No pool nearby to use?  Try calling local hotels and see if they’ll let your family use their pool for a small fee.  Many will, especially during down times during the week.

9. Put on the happiest music you can find and dress up really silly to clean the house together.  Wear tiaras and aprons, superman capes and so on.  Have fun and be silly!

10. Take a wacky holiday photo every day till New Year’s Day.

And with that, my dears, I’m off to read a medium-sized boy a medium-sized pile of books.

Have a magical week!



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2 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Rain

    thank you!! this is an awesome list!!

  2. I love your lists! I’m jus waiting to read them every week! XOXO

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