An Impromptu Ball

The other night, Annalee announced that she would be holding a ball the next day.

We had the whole day to prepare.

In the morning, there was a tea party with tiny sandwiches and fancy water.

Later, there were invitations and party plans.

When the time came for the ball, I brought out my wedding dresses (Daryl and I get married anew every year around our anniversary in a new way with a new theme, so I have a few!) and I let the girls try them on.

Jack wore a button-down shirt and looked very handsome.

Even Alex got into the action, in a velvet jacket.

And Daddy wore a kilt.

There was much music and much mayhem.

Most balls don’t involve that much hooting or spinning, I’m pretty sure.

And definitely not that much falling down.

But still in all, it was a wonderful ball.

We should have them more often!


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2 responses to “An Impromptu Ball

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  2. Caitlyn

    How magical!! I love it:)

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