Got Snow?

We got our first white stuff of the year this weekend, whether we were ready or not.  The kids had a fabulous time having snowball fights and playing with it, though you really can’t tell from this picture of Alex!  Victoria took it, and apparently his siblings forgot to find him a hat, poor boy!  🙂

It generally takes a while for kids to ever tire of good old fashioned playing in the snow, but if your kids are looking for some new things to do with it, here’s 10…

  1. Spray paint it with colored water.
  2. Pack it into recycling bins to make giant bricks for forts.
  3. Make snow aliens and snow beasts.  Don’t forget extra eyes and antennas!
  4. Make snow ice cream.
  5. Bring it inside, packed in a plastic box or cake pan, and let the kids color it with dried out markers.
  6. Scoop up some very clean stuff and drizzle it with slightly diluted fruit juice concentrate for homemade (healthy) snow cones
  7. Make watercolor snowballs.
  8. Pack it in pie pans and give the kids colored water and eye droppers to make beautiful designs in it.
  9. Bring a big pan of it into the bath.
  10. Or do all of these snow related activities that require no snow at all!

Now, who’s up for some cocoa?  🙂



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6 responses to “Got Snow?

  1. Mumma J

    Am so jealous… we never get snow here, and although it does get very cold, at this time of year we are heading into a hot Aussie summer. However, with the assistance of my trusty ‘snow’ maker I will be helping my girls to have snow cones this summer!

    • Ooh, a snow maker sounds fun! All the more so because then you can put it away and go play in the sun if you like. 🙂 We mostly have grass today but I’m sure we’ll get quite a few feet of the stuff by the time winter is over (and it hasn’t even really begun yet!).

  2. Lonni

    We’ll definitely be using your ideas to enjoy the snow more! At our house, after snow storms or when temps are too cold to go out to play, we cover our kitchen table with plastic and lots of bath towels and bring mountains of snow inside. It varies every time and usually evolves into something else while they’re playing but the kids have made snow castles/homes, built roads, garages, and tunnels for their Hotwheels cars, set up animal/nature scenes, built tiny snowmen, and let the Polly Pockets dolls have some wintery fun. I end up with one big load of dripping laundry to do but it’s kept them busy and happy for AGES.

    • I love that idea, Lonni! We’ll have to try that this year. We have a really big table so we could make a pretty big town! And a pretty big mess… 🙂

      • Lonni

        I shoulda maybe mentioned towels for the floor too because they never let me clear the table off until it’s all pretty much melted! Can’t destroy the village! lol! If you place the towels right, hanging down off the table corners only, the dripping will mostly happen there and bowls can catch a lot of it. We had to eat supper on the livingroom floor Saturday night after that snow we got. It was there since early afernoon! It takes hours to melt down to the point they completely lose interest in it. :o)

  3. katherine marie

    HAPPY snow days to you and YOURS!!!

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