Sole Searching

You know how there are mothers who have a place for everything and always know exactly where things are?

I am not one of those  mothers.

I am one of those mothers who usually knows where most things are, even in the midst of clutter and chaos, except in one big area — shoes.

Despite the fact that we have somewhere near 80,000 pairs, my children are almost always either barefoot or sporting amazingly inappropriate footwear (Jack is prone to wearing Uggs with shorts, for instance, or Anna’s cleats or cowboy boots).  We simply never can find the things — or two that match, anyway.

The other day, we were running very late and I sent everybody scrambling to locate Alex’s shoes.

We found four…

None matching.  Of course.

It took another 10 minutes to finally find a match.  Except…

They were way too big.

So socks were in order.

So then, of course, we all had to look for socks.

Who says socks have to match?  😉

Someday I’ll know where all the shoes are.  Socks too.  I’ll be organized and everything will be tidy.

Okay, probably not, but I can pretend!

In the meantime, I’d much rather do an art project about shoes!

Here’s a few…

Shoe drawings and shoe autographs at TeachKidsArt…

Customized shoes with Sugru and spray paint at Instructables (Okay, we’d scale these down a bit I think but I love the basic idea!)…

Unicorn Hoof Shoes at Cut Out and Keep

Kimono Baby Shoes and Matching Onesie from Omiyage

And last, but not least, easy removable flowers to add to toddler shoes at happy together…

Happy Thursday!



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2 responses to “Sole Searching

  1. katherine marie

    We have a MAJOR MAJOR shoe problem here too!!! a dream of mine is to have a mud room where we could organize all our shoes. For the last week my two year old has been wearing shoes at least two sizes to big because we couldn’t find one of his other five pairs! ahhhhhh… :):) We sure our blessed to have this problem, ya know!?

  2. Caitlyn

    Ha! I love it. You made my day!

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