10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!  I hope you and your darlings had a wonderful weekend.  Here’s a few ways to make some magic this week….

1.  Find someplace wide open and go where you can make noise, run around, be silly, climb and play freely.

2. Log onto your library’s interlibrary loan search and order a bunch of children’s books that feature characters with your child’s name.

3.  Play one of these 15 games you can play with a blanket.  Pitch a tent, bounce stuffed animals or balls off it like a parachute, drag your kiddo around on it…

4.  Make some salt and glue paintings.

5.  Put together a box of clothes to donate and let the kids use it for a fun fashion show ahead of time.  Tell the kids to go for over the top!

6.  Make a cardboard loom to weave a gorgeous hot pad like this one together.

7.  Use leftover Halloween face paints or makeup to paint designs on the kids’ faces before running errands.  You can do simple pictures like flowers, snakes, butterflies, stars or smiley faces, or you can use small stencils for no-fail designs.

8.  Send your child a card listing the things you’re thankful for as his or her parent.

9.  Look at the moon through binoculars.

10. Play an old fashioned game like charades, jacks, marbles or 20 Questions.  Have an old fashioned snack along with it and make it a lazy, fun time together.

And with that, Chickadees, I’m off again.

Please be especially nice to yourself this week.  And be especially silly.  Combine those, and it’s sure to be a good week!




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3 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Wait! When did charades, marbles, jacks, and 20 questions become “old fashioned” games????!!! 😛

  2. katherine marie

    You are so awesome!

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