Magical Landscaping

We’ve been lucky enough to go visit at Magical Mama Lonni’s house the past couple of weeks when we’ve been in her neck of the woods and I was so delighted by her whimsical, wonderful, child-friendly yard that I asked if I could take pictures.

Of course she said yes, because she’s nice like that.  And of course I only got half the pictures I wanted to take because I got distracted with the kids and then my camera battery died, because I’m flaky like that.  😉

But I got enough to show you some of the things that made me smile, from the rescued slide with no stairs (you have to run up it from below or have your mother put you up there!) to the pink painted tea party table hidden behind the corn to the marble-covered bowling ball decoration.

Here’s a peek…

There was also a trampoline and giant tires and a golf cart and other fabulous stuff… but sometimes all you really need is good friends and a good pile of leaves.  🙂

Happy weekend!

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One response to “Magical Landscaping

  1. Lonni

    Aww, I’m glad you’ve had fun here! We’ve definitely loved having you guys over! 🙂

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