More Halloween Fun

Are you getting into the Halloween spirit with your kiddos?

Here’s a few more Halloween activities…..

  • Make a large paper jack-o-lantern and play pin the nose on the pumpkin.
  • Tie a white tissue over a round sucker to make mini-ghosts.  Use markers to add a face.
  • Go pumpkin bowling, using empty plastic bottles for pins and a small pumpkin for the ball.  If you like, make ghosts out of the pins with scraps of white cloth and a tie (like the suckers).
  • Make paper plate spider webs:  Have kids cut notches all around a paper plate.  Cut a length of black yarn and have them thread the yarn back and forth between random notches until the plate is covered with a web.  If you want to make it permanent, let the kids paint over the yarn with glue.  Once dry, the web will be hard and can be removed from the plate.  Cut a spider out of black construction paper to finish it off.
  • For very little kids, cut out shapes from black paper (triangles, squares, circles & mouth shapes) and cut a large circle from orange paper to make a pumpkin.  Let them choose the shapes to use for eyes and a nose and glue them to make a pumpkin face.
  • Mix some washable black tempera paint with some dish soap and let the kids use their  hands to stamp bats on the windows.  For each bat, use a round sponge to stamp a body and then use one hand print for each wing (fingers going out).  Prepare for a mess.  The dish soap helps this clean up easily with a wet sponge after Halloween is over.  To make it easier clean-up, take the kids outside and stamp the outside of the windows.
  • Give the kids a couple of rolls of white toilet paper and let them make mummies of themselves.

Simple Kids also reminded me of this fabulously fun cutting paper story that reveals a fun surprise at the end with the Halloween house.

And there’s always the favorite here at our house — putting the baby in the pumpkin.  🙂

What Halloween fun are you stirring up at your house?


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3 responses to “More Halloween Fun

  1. katherine marie

    I LOVE that pumpkin pic!!! Isn’t this a wonderful time of the year? We have been doing GROSS-OLOGY to stir up some halloween fun over here.

  2. Caitlyn

    Okay, that is the cutest picture EVER!

  3. liz

    awwwww. so dang cute!

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