10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!  Welcome to a whole new week to make some magical memories.

Here’s a few ideas on how to do that…

1.  Add water balloons to your child’s bath.  No, you don’t throw them, but they’re fun to play with!

2.  Eat dragons for snacks.

3.  Carve mini jack-o-lanterns out of orange halves and use for bowls for snacks or desserts.  Just cut the oranges in half, eat the oranges out and then have the kids draw pumpkin faces on them.  Cut them out with a paring knife, fill the bottom half with something fun, and put the top half back on like a lid.  (Sorry, I can’t find any pictures from when we’ve done this!)

4. Jump in leaf piles!  Throw them, roll in them, stomp in them and be a total fool in them.  No autumn leaves in your part of the world?  Make up a whole slew of them from all different kinds of paper and toss them around.  Afterwards, use them as window and wall decorations.

5.  Gather together outgrown and extra coats, sweaters and other winter items to donate to clothing drives.  Take time together as a family to mend any holes and add some fun decorative accents like big buttons, decorative trim, etc. to make them more special for the recipients.

6.  Have a pajama party with another mama friend and her kiddos.  Everybody camp out in the living room or head home at bedtime.  Pop popcorn, watch movies everybody loves, play games and be silly.

7.  Play Musical Costumes.  Gather some kiddos and sit in a circle.  Fill a bag with all sorts of wacky costume parts (wigs, hats, tutus….) and pass it around while playing music.  When the music stops, the child with the bag reaches in and grabs something to put on.  Keep going until all the costume bits are on the participants!

8.  Serve soup or dinner in a pumpkin.

9. Make homemade dolls.  Challenge the kids to be creative and use all sorts of found materials– acorns, corn husks, socks, tennis balls, scrap material, plastic bottles, spools, you name it.  If you have boys who care about feeling manly, call them people instead of dolls.  😉

10. Make your own recording of spooky noises to play on Halloween.  Have everybody moan, groan, shriek and more.  Use it for background noise at supper time and on Halloween night.

And with that, my dearies, I’m off.

Have a magical week!



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2 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. katherine marie

    Sweet!!!! I’m extra fond of MUSCIAL COSTUMES and serving dinner in a pumpkin!!! :):) thanks for your inspirational ideas AS ALWAYS!

  2. As usual, you are full of great ideas! These are some of my favorite posts each week. We made the jack-o-lantern orange cups last year (and I’ve got photos on my blog somewhere). That was such a hit with my son’s preschool class, and a great healthy alternative to Halloween treats!

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