My goodness, we’ve been busy lately!  I’m dreaming of winter just because it will be an excuse to be stuck inside for a while.  🙂

Here’s a blog that’s been captivating me and I just had to pass it on…

Playscapes ~  I’m in love with some of these play structures!  They’re just works of art.  What child wouldn’t love to play in these?

But it’s not just playgrounds.  There’s also nifties like a link to this entire book of playground structures you can build with tires (swings, water tables, tunnels, tables and chairs, a dragon…)

And whimsical things like this water funnel wall in Germany.

What a delightful blog!  It’s definitely going to the top of my regular reading list.  🙂



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9 responses to “Playscapes!

  1. Lonni

    Hey, if you ever get a chance, check out Nicollet Commons Park in Burnsville, MN. I had heard about it on a hs group then days later happened to be going up to that area and found it. The kids loved it (me too!). It’s next to their performing arts center and they hold outdoor events here. It’s flower gardens and sitting areas and basically a l0ng meandering path of shallow water built on slabs of rock with waterfalls here and there that you can climb up/down on, along with fountains, bridges, and sculptures. Very cool. Reminds me of the water feature area for kids in Duluth, down near Canal Park.
    That water funnel wall would be a crazy fun way to divert the water coming off our rain-gutterless garage roof! Hmmm. You got me thinkin’ now. 🙂

  2. Sheri

    The playscapes are really cool and they reminded me of my trip to St. Louis, MO. If you ever get a chance to go there, stop at a place called City Museum

    It’s like a playscape on steroids and just amazing. I don’t have any kids but my husband and I had an absolute blast there and we can’t wait to go back!

  3. Hi:
    I’ve just stumbled here (the “what 4 year olds should know” post) and I’m not leaving! I want to create magical childhoods for my children, too. I like your parenting style; you are an inspiration.

  4. These are great…check out the nature playscape I made for my boys…

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