Happiness is…

… Barrel rides

… Fresh pressed apple cider

… Making scarecrows

… Getting to help drive the horses

… Making gravel angels  🙂

… Face painting (what IS that???!)

… Doing art

… Embracing chaos

… Good friends

What’s making you happy lately?


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3 responses to “Happiness is…

  1. katherine marie

    Three things that make me happy RIGHT NOW– 1. your blog 2. the smell of fall 3. my new two year old :):) Your art projects look really sensational— THAT FROG!!!!

  2. Amber

    My children make me happy, of course. But, I love the little surprises that happen because they are in my life: like my 3 year old requesting a nap today (yes, there is a god, apparently) or my daughter replying to her teacher when asked what she remembered about being a baby, “nursing.” I’m also happy to be thoroughly preoccupied these days, preparing for my daughter’s halloween themed birthday party. We’re making everything from scratch, including the pinata and the goody bags and all the games and treats and decorations. These truly are the salad years. 😀

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