Ten Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!  Here’s a few ways to have a bit of fun with your sweeties this week….

1.  Take some stale bread and feed the ducks, seagulls, pigeons or whatever feathered creatures you have in your neighborhood.

2.  Tour someplace interesting.

3.  Make monster feet.

4.  Head to a beach, river bank or even a parking lot and hunt for agates, fossils, shells or other goodies.

5.  Find beauty someplace simple, like this dad did with his two daughters when they photographed sidewalk cracks.

6.  Find a lake, stream or puddle and a pile of rocks and let your little one throw rocks to his heart’s content.  Sure, it sounds pretty simple to us grown ups, but this is magical stuff indeed to your average small child.  🙂

7.  Play a game outside someplace fun — in a tree, on a big rock, in a tent, on a blanket in the park, in the back yard after dark or some such.

8.  Combine science and art by making sunscreen paintings.

9.  Go to a gourmet restaurant off-hours and split a decadent appetizer or dessert.

10.  Head outside to someplace beautiful together.

And now, I’m off to find an iron for an art project.  Yes, that’s about the only action my iron sees!

Have a magical week!



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2 responses to “Ten Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. katherinemarie

    number 5 and 9 ROCK!!!!! You know I’m first in line to buy your book… when you put together 1001 ways to a magical childhood. :):) You can fly here before you publish so I can get a photo of the beautiful magical mama. :):)

  2. Aw, blush. Thanks!!! If I can only find the time to do less playing (and laundry and math problems and cleaning up messes and reading Mrs. Wishy-Washy…) and more actually writing the thing… 🙂

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