I’m terribly sorry to be gone so long!  It’s our local school’s back to school week, so it is our not-back-to-school week here at home.  We’ve been adventuring of one sort or another all week (hence the camel!  we met him at the zoo!) and we are leaving now to meet some friends for a camping adventure.

Here are some fabulous things elsewhere to make up for my slacker ways this week!

  • I love the looks of these flower headbands that are made with satin circles, hot glue and a lighter!
  • I can’t wait to gather up lots of scrap fabrics and try making these woven fabric hot pads/decorations with the kids. 
  • Got bored kids?  Here’s 50 ways to play.
  • Speaking of play, here’s a good reminder of how we as parents need to not get in the way of it and accidentally stifle creativity.
  • Here’s stories that children can listen to online, courtesy of the BBC.

And now, I’m off to frantically pack a van full of camping equipment and forget half of what we  need.  It’s my way.  😉

Kiss your kiddos, count your blessings and sneak yourself some chocolate.  See you soon!


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2 responses to “Adventuring

  1. Thank you so much for the link!

  2. Thank you for Linking through to Be A Fun Mum. I want to make those flower headbands for my girls too!!! Gorgeous!

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