Acorn Cap + Pen = Instant Fun

We had to kill some time outside with a crowd of antsy kids recently and my ingenious husband whipped up some instant fun to keep them all happy.

He grabbed some acorn caps, stuck them on his fingers and on the children’s, and drew some corresponding faces.  Presto!  Instant finger puppets!

Happy Sunday!



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4 responses to “Acorn Cap + Pen = Instant Fun

  1. That WAS fun !! I love how clever D is at amusing the kids !! SUCH a great Dad….!! ;D

  2. I did that just last week too! With a thimble and some odd shaped ‘bottle caps’!

  3. katherinemarie

    That’s one creative daddio!

  4. That’s a really cute idea! Thanks for sharing-our yard is filling up already with acorns. 🙂

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