New Uses for Old Markers

What do you do with a dried out marker?  I’ve been listening to the boys’ Pirate CD for too long, because I’m hearing that phrase in my head to the tune of “What do you do with a drunken sailor?”.  😉

In any case, there are plenty of ways to get more use out of them once they seem to be all dried up.

In our family, we like to use them to color on packed snow.  The water brings them back to life and it’s cheap, easy fun on wintery days.

We also like to wet coffee filters and then press them all over to make bright designs.

But this site has lots of ideas that I never dreamed of.  From coloring homemade concoctions to soaking them in water to color the water, there’s oodles of fun ways to use the markers one (or more!) last time.

What do you do with dried out markers?


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5 responses to “New Uses for Old Markers

  1. Lonni

    Darn it, I just threw out a whole herd of dried up markers not too long ago! I want them back! 😀

  2. katherinemarie

    oh I can’t wait to try your snow paint this winter. We have so many topless markers… that site sounds PERFECT! I found markers for 5cents a bundle at a garage sale the other day. For that price it’s okay when they go “bad”– ya know! 🙂 Do your kids like those SMELLY markers… my all time favorites.

  3. Kim

    I’ve always thrown them away. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Amanda

    Soak the ink cartridges in water to get a dark “paint”, add dish soap, blow bubbles and then scrape the bubbles onto paper or cardstock. When the bubbles pop, it leaves a very pretty print on the paper.

    I’m saving up the marker bodies and caps to make a beaded curtain.

    Marker caps also make interesting end-caps for multi-stranded beads (cut to length desired and sand the cut edges)

  5. Thanks for the new ideas! I have a pile of dried up markers in front of me right now, and a three year old that would love to have some fun with them. I figured I would try to find a way to use them before throwing them away. 🙂

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