You know you’re frazzled when…

We got back from Nebraska last night and I’ve spent the past half of a day unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning and trying my best to catch up on emails, blogs, articles and everything else.

Last night I wanted to also catch up on a show that Daryl taped for me while we were gone.  I rewound the video tape, got comfy on the couch and gave Alex a fistful of washable markers to decorate my feet to keep him busy while I watched.

Alex doesn’t really stick to feet when let loose with washable markers and Mama’s lower half.  I had mad, multicolored scribbling from my thighs down.  I also found out that “washable” is a relative term.  After 5 minutes of scrubbing with a soapy washcloth before bed last night, I decided to stay technicolored for the night.

Today I resumed my dash to catch up on things, tossing in more laundry, taking kids to the pool, cleaning the kitchen, writing articles, downloading pictures, checking on the garden and so on.

And I knew we were supposed to meet my in-laws at the Shady Drive-Inn for lunch but I somehow lost track of time until I was frantically clearing the last of our bags from the van and making sure all the kids had shoes and were loaded in.

And sure enough, as I jumped into the passenger seat, I looked down and saw these…

(Green has since been added in order to get this post published.)

Nobody can say I’m not a colorful character.  😉



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6 responses to “You know you’re frazzled when…

  1. mrslala

    Ha ha! Love the idea of letting them color on you though – might have to give that one a try. 😉

  2. I do the same thing with my little man. sometimes you just need too to get a second to your self. (sorta)

  3. Very inventive – but maybe you should try giving him a sketch pad instead 🙂

  4. Lonni

    You ARE colorful…washable or not. 😉

    Over the years our kids have liked to marker their dad’s toenails and legs too while he watches tv. Weird quality time. haha! He used to allow fingernails until some pink didn’t wash off one time. LOL!

  5. You are not the small box of crayons but the great- big-64-count-box-of-crayons-colorful!!! 😀
    Love it!

  6. katherinemarie

    You will never forget these COLORFUL… DELIGHTFUL… CRAZY days—that’s for sure! I love multi colored legs and toes and faces… and I think you will start a new mama fashion trend. :):)

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