Colored Water Busywork

Here’s a simple way I keep my boys happy when they’re bored and I need a few minutes to finish supper.  Fill an ice cube tray or muffin tin with water (half full) and add a few drops of food coloring to about half of the cups (put a towel underneath for little ones who are prone to spills).  Then give them eye droppers or medicine droppers to mix and match the colors.

This is surprisingly fun for kids and very calming for my boys.  They love to make a rainbow of colors and shades.

They can also drop the colors onto coffee filters, newspaper, light colored construction paper or other absorbent paper to make patterns with the colors.

It’s simple fun, with a little color theory tossed in!

Want to add to the fun?  Tint white vinegar instead, and then give them each a little bowl of baking soda with a baby spoon afterwards.  They can add a tiny scoop of baking soda to each cup and see what happens!  In color! 🙂



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2 responses to “Colored Water Busywork

  1. I remember one time my daughter was beside herself, hanging on me while I was trying to do something. I told her to get a few of her toys. I filled the sink up with water and suds and she washed her toys for nearly two hours. Seriously! I was amazed. She had so much fun and I got my work done. Love that when that happens. So hooray for you with this little project- thats creative thinking.

  2. katherinemarie

    That’s really cool. I like how the colors have a soothing and calming effect on your kids. My children would ENJOY this too. 🙂

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