Ten Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!!!  Here’s a few ways to make some memorable moments this week…

1.  Put glow-in-the-dark rocks in the kiddie pool for a magical after-dark splash.

2.  Take pictures of wildflowers.

3.  Designate one meal a week to be a theme meal and let the kids help dream up different themes.  For instance, every Wednesday’s lunch could be wacky Wednesday.  Should all the menu items start with B this week?  Be from a different part of the world?  Be green?  For even more fun, involve friends and make it a pot luck event.

4.  Go on a clean up parade through a park or neighborhood with plastic gloves and bags for trash.  Set a goal for each person like one filled trash bag and when everybody’s goal is met, reward yourselves with a treat or celebration.

5.  Fly kites together.

6.  Make some permanent sand castles.

7.  Start a parent-child journal.  Get a blank book and write a letter to your child on the first pages.  Leave it on his or her bed to write back.  Pass it back and forth until it’s full.

8.  Spread a tarp in the back yard, turn the hose on low and let your little one splash, jump and play in the water.

9.  Have a bubble race!  Each person makes one bubble and tries to blow it across the room. If your bubble pops, start over. Everybody who reaches the finish line wins!

10. Stop and let the kids play when something strikes them as magical, even in parking lots or by the side of the road.

Remember, you absolutely must do things to make your own parenthood magical too!  My orders.  😉

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. katherinemarie

    Brilliant! Beautiful! You probably can guess my fav (number THREE). HOPE you have a marvelous day.

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