Wall Ball!

You all know by now how much I love marble runs and such, especially homemade ones.  Here’s the granddaddy of them all in my book.

He gives all the simple instructions too.  Now we have another summer project to add to the list!


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2 responses to “Wall Ball!

  1. Tom

    You’re welcome, thanks for linking. The whole run could not fit into one pic frame. Pictured is about 1/2 the run. It went up to the top of the stairs, and around the corner. If you notice the yellow section of run at the bottom, that went around to the left with a straight run down the stairs and a loop+jump at the end. Above the door way is another entry run. We had runs of up to a minute.
    Dad U

  2. April

    I watched the video at Tom’s page and though of Tiffany’s and her stairway would make a great canvas for this type of project lol..

    Makes me wish for a moment that we had stairs…

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