I’ve been feeling rather blue lately.  I’m taking the night off and will be back tomorrow with the tally of the children’s favorite books.  If your kiddos haven’t voted, you can still sneak over and cast your votes until then.  Lots of people voted for more than one favorite, so if you only chose one but wished to add more go ahead and add them.  I figure I’ll just give double the weight to whatever was listed first, since I can’t bear not to list every book children love.  🙂



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6 responses to “Blue

  1. Sending a hug and much love to you, my blue friend. And I’ll make sure I come to Nebraska stocked with vegan truffles again! 🙂

  2. What’s up, lovey????

  3. Hey, Alicia, just remember – blue is a lovely colour 🙂 Sending you lots of magic to brighten your day as you do to countless people around the world on a constant basis xxxx

  4. Lonni

    Well then, you should know that I wanted to comment on yesterday’s post (10 ways to….) after I read it and should have immediately and now regret that I didn’t get back here to do that. What I really wanted to tell you is that…even though I’m certain that I’m not a lesbian, I swear I fall in love with you a little more with every post. 🙂 Before the day is done there will be boards on our lawn, paint on fingers and toes, and a cake on the table. And you to thank. ❤

  5. Magical Childhood

    Oh thank you guys. 🙂 I have a big smile here and I’m pretty sure my oxytocin levels just skyrocketed (

    Thanks for the smiles!

  6. katherinemarie

    Wish I could scoop you up and wisk you off to your favorite restaurant and spa for some EXTRA SPECIAL pampering. You are WONDERFUL-INSPIRATIONAL-AMAZING-JOYFUL. Don’t ever forget it!!!

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