Ten Ways to Make Today Magical

10 Ways to Make Today Magical…

1.  Let the kids arrange some 2×4 boards on the lawn in a funky pattern or their initials.  Wait a week and let the sun “brand” your lawn.  The covered area will be brown in the shape the kids made.  Don’t worry, it’s temporary.  The grass will green up again soon after.

2.  Make a celebration cake “just because.”  Add candles and too much brightly colored icing (use fruit juice concentrate and/or beet juice to color it if you want to avoid the artificial stuff).  Blow the candles out again and again until everybody’s had their fill, and then gobble it up.

3.  Give your kids facials.  Include a slow, circular face massage with cleansing lotion followed by a warm washcloth soak.  Follow that with a masque (there are great recipes online) while you sit and talk.  Finish with a light moisturizer in a delicious scent.

4.  Make up a family dance line routine.

5.  Let the kids dress up in old fashioned clothes (we have a stash from thrift stores and ebay that we also use for volunteer gigs) and go somewhere historic together like a county museum or pioneer village.  They can pretend to be living in the old days and they’ll put a smile on every face they pass.

6.  Visit thrift shops or garage sales for an old piece of furniture and repaint it together.  Make it as whimsical, funky or dramatic as they like.

7. Dedicate a song to your child on the radio.

8.  Put some paint in squirt bottles (or make your own temporary squirt paint) and let the kids loose with it outside.  Let them decorate paper, rocks, their hands, whatever.  It’ll all hose off afterwards!

9. Take apart a cheap wall clock and let the kids decorate the face before putting it back up.  For little ones, do painted hand prints.

10. Invent a recipe together.  Make up a standard cookie, cake or pancake recipe and then brainstorm on things to add.  Write it all down in a family cookbook as you go (with measurements) & afterwards write suggestions on improvements for next time.  One of the most fun parts is you get to come up with your own name for your recipe– that and getting to eat it all up.  🙂

Have a wonderful week!  Don’t forget to take care of you!


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  1. katherinemarie

    When is YOUR “million magical things to do with kids” going to be released??? I am in love with your list as ALWAYS! Number one would have been sooooo much fun to welcome my husband home after his summer deployment!!!!!

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