The Closest Thing to Angels

(Annalee at age 2, playing in the dirt in her favorite fairy dress)

“Children, as persons, are entitled to the greatest respect. Children are given to us as free-flying souls, but then we clip their wings like we domesticate the wild mallard. Children should become the role-models for us, their parents, for they are coated with the spirit from which they came- out of the ether, clean, innocent, brimming with the delight of life, aware of the beauty of the simplest thing; a snail, a bud, a shadow in the garden. Children are the closest thing to angels.”

~ Gerry Spence, “Give me Liberty”

(thanks to Mrs Hannigan’s School for Girls for this lovely quote!)

(Alex at nearly three, with family friend Miles, then nearly twelve.  Miles is on the autism spectrum and might be labeled less than angelic by outsiders.  He loves bugs, germs, nature and meditation, and will defend a butterfly to the death.)

Angels come in many forms.



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2 responses to “The Closest Thing to Angels

  1. liz

    love that quote. thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. katherinemarie

    so beautiful.

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