10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!  I hope you folks are having less rain and dreariness than we are, or that you’ve at least had lots of cookie baking and puddle stomping to make up for it.  We have more rain coming so this week’s list may have some wet activities included!

So let’s get on with it.  Here’s a few ways to add some magic to the days this week….

1.  Start an “I love you” journal together on the inside of your cupboard doors.  Cover them with contact paper for easy removal (and for keepsakes).  Take turns leaving notes to each other, artwork, recording special moments, etc.  Make sure little ones understand which places are okay for this special graffiti.

2. Make a blanket fort on the clothesline.

3. Make paper boats and sail them in puddles or the kiddie pool.

4.  Or fill the kiddie pool with something else like bubble solution for giant bubbles, oobleck or water and colored oil.

5.  Meet some friends at a science museum.

6.  Mail your child a postcard telling her how much you love her.

7.  Write a song together and record it yourselves singing it.

8.  Make homemade lemonade.  Find a way to make it unique to your family.  For instance, we put a handful of mint leaves in when making a sugar syrup for ours (one cup sugar, one cup water, simmer till the sugar dissolves and the mint is fragrant, then combine with 4 cups of water and 1 to 1 1/2 cups lemon juice, to taste) and garnished with mint.  Also consider using frozen berries for ice cubes, adding a couple of scoops of a bright juice concentrate or serving with ice cubes that have edible flowers (without pesticides!) inside.

9.  Sketch your child as he sleeps.  Let go of any criticism about your artistic abilities and just enjoy the process of really studying your child and capturing a moment.

10. Go rock hunting for smooth stones and use paint or permanent markers to write inspirational words like “courage,” “strength,” “love” or “laugh” on them — or even just silly faces and symbols.  Put one in your pocket on days you need it, and let the kids do the same.

Have a wonderful week!



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2 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. I love your blog! I stumbled across it while reading your article on the Peaceful Parenting blog. I’ve also been reading your homeschool blog as well. We’re still a couple of years away from that stage but your blog is really entertaining!

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