We Are That Family

We have new neighbors across the street and I’ve spied a cute little girl who looks about four years old.  It will be nice to have more children in the neighborhood, especially since our beloved two-year-old neighbor and her parents moved away last month.

We haven’t had a chance to go over and say hi yet.  They seem nice, tidy, quiet.

Hmmm…. we’ve got one out of three going for us!

As much as I try to rein it in, we are the family with sidewalk chalk all over the front steps, wood sculptures stacked in the back yard, bikes tossed on the grass in a rush, the slip-and-slide and hose rigged to the slide in the back yard, dinosaurs hiding in the flower beds, baskets hanging from climbing trees and signs of children everywhere.

We are also the family whose kids are running around at dusk playing tag, enthusiastically calling to the bats after dark, screeching at unfair calls in made up games, having shouting matches, laughing in the sprinkler and generally always letting you know there are children about.

Yesterday, the following exchange could be heard from the front steps:

Anna:  Mom!  Alex is on your car again!

Me:  Well, get him down please.

Anna:  Jack is poking him with a broom!


We are that family.

Hopefully they’ll like us anyway.  🙂



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10 responses to “We Are That Family

  1. We are that family, too! Last night, at 10pm, I was hooting owl calls to my kids up on a neighbor’s 3rd floor porch, and then both our families were trying to get beach balls and donut-shaped floaties up over their banister. Unfortunately, in an apartment complex, it’s hard to be that family… neighbors were slamming their windows shut (I didn’t feel too bad, as it’s the first time I’ve bothered them with noise – they live above me and shake my house with their running up and down the stairs a million times at 7:30 in the a.m. during the school season), and the resident manager leaves monthly notes about cleaning up the kids’ stuff from our porch. *sigh*

    So, I *have* to rein it in, but I only do as much as I have to so not to get in trouble. 😀

  2. Sandra

    You know, I’d love to be next to “that family”. It sounds awesome. 🙂

  3. Kez

    I’d love to be living next door to you!

  4. Your kind of family is the best kind of all!

  5. katherinemarie

    I wish I had YOU GUYS next door! My what a huge FUN-CRAZY-MESS we would make! I bet you can teach your neighbors how to get a little wild and artsy. :):)

  6. katherinemarie

    AND… what if you put together a little magical ART basket to welcome them??? That would give you an excuse to hand out and create a bit! :):)

  7. Sounds fun… can we come over and play?

  8. I looooovvvvee this post! I think it’s the honesty and it’s pretty much us!

  9. You sound like a fun family! I love having those types of families in my neighborhood- our last place was tidy, quiet, and not nearly as much fun. 🙂

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