10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Hello magical you!  I hope those of you in the states had a wonderful Memorial Day.

Sorry for being a day late in posting this week’s list.  We had a little family vacation and I dawdled in getting back to things.

And in true slacker fashion, I’m swiping this list from one I sent out in the Magical Childhood newsletter on this day six years ago.  It comes in handy to have yapped so much for so long.  🙂

1.  Have a watermelon seed spitting contest.

2.  Take a bus ride.  Granted, this will seem about as magical to you as getting your teeth cleaned, but bus rides can be fantastic treats for little ones who are not used to taking them.  See if you can take a bus to the library, park or just around a different part of town.

3.  Start a bug collection.  Dead bugs only.  🙂

4.  Go through your tupperware collection and take the lids outside to see which ones make good frisbees.  Our square ones fly surprisingly far!

5.  Play baseball, basketball or catch with water balloons.

6.  Bake a white sheet cake and decorate with clean paintbrushes and blueberry & strawberry syrups.  Paint a masterpiece together and then eat your art.  To get even fancier, make a cake for each person and do edible portraits.  Don’t forget to take pictures before you gobble them up!  For other ways to decorate your art– use different color tubes of frosting or use sliced fruit or tiny candies to make mosaics.

7.  Make an obstacle course in the back yard.  Good props include boards, rope, tires, tall cardboard boxes (open both ends to make tunnels), wading pools, hula hoops and sprinklers.

8.  Go kite flying.  You can buy kites for around a dollar at many stores or you can make your own.  Instructions are plentiful online or at your library.

9.  Start a family restaurant.  Invite the kids to make up a menu of foods you agree on and have them decorate it.  Make up a fun name, too.  Once a week, “eat out” at home.  This can be a good way to get rid of leftovers or to serve easy summer dinners.  Just make up some combo plates listing fruits, salads, sandwiches, etc. that you have on hand or let them order ala carte.  Kids can take turns being waiters and waitresses, or mom and dad can be the servers.  If the kids take charge, don’t forget to tip!

10. Make a mess in the mud.  Find some dirt, get it wet, and stomp, smush and play together in it.  Wiggle your toes in it.  Write your name in it.  Stir it with sticks.  Put it in pie tins.  Get dirty.  I guarantee it’ll be one of the best times you’ll have all week.

And with that, I’m off to glare at the laundry until it cooperates.

Have a magical week!



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2 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Gretha

    I DO love you and your ideas !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. katherinemarie

    🙂 I always feel a huge surge of happiness after I read about all the ideas on your MAGICAL LIST!!! I remember my five year old was so tickled with his “bus trip” long ago. It’s the sweet simple things that kids get the biggest kick out of.

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