Good Stuff

#1  Here’s a plethora of printable dinner table questions to spark some fun mealtime conversations with your kiddos!

#2  Here’s a whole lot of reasons to love the lowly dandelion and why dandelions make the world more magical for children.  Here’s a bunch of recipes using the leaves and the flowers for everything from cookies to pasta to pineapple slushies.  And here’s a delightful tutorial on how to make dandelion curls from the stems!

#3  I really enjoyed this piece on preschoolers, Patience Comes with Understanding.  I’d say the concept applies to all other ages too (even spouses, I’d wager!).

And with that, I’m out of here.  With a little luck, we’re heading to Nebraska on Saturday and I have so much left to do.  Eating chocolates and yapping online all night are not on the list!  🙂

Happy Friday!


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2 responses to “Good Stuff

  1. Angie

    I was so excited to print out the dinner questions, but the link says the page does not exist. I’m hoping to get those from you if I can. Thanks so much. You inspire me daily!


  2. Pam JWM

    I can’t get the first link to work, but I’d love to spark some dinner time conversations!

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