You’re a Fabulous Mother

(photo by Victoria Bayer)

I keep hearing from mothers this week about how stressed they are and what terrible mothers they think they are.

What?  Oh pah.

I’m  here to tell you to stop it.

You rock.  You’re a fabulous mother.

How do I know this?  Well, first off because you’re beating yourself up and only people who care feel guilt, which means you’re a caring mother.  So that right there tells me a lot about you.

Second of all, you’re the sort of mother who visits blogs about making lives magical for her children.  That sort of says a lot about you too!

Third of all, most mothers are more fabulous than they give themselves credit for.  It’s a mother thing.  We also tend to think other mothers are exponentially better than we  are at absolutely everything.

And fourth of all, no matter what sort of beastly mother you think you are, I’m willing to bet that your child still thinks you’re the best mom in the world.  Even if said child won’t admit it.

You’re a fabulous mother.  You’re loving.  You care.  You  have things you rock at.  Many of them.

Do you sometimes screw up?  Yep.  So do I.  Do you sometimes yell or throw shoes at the wall?  Maybe.  I have.  Do you have times when you lose it a lot and feel like a troll?  It happens.  But it gets better.  And you’re still a fabulous mother.

Here’s the wonderful thing about being a mother.  Every second is a fresh start.  If you screw up you can not screw up the next minute and it goes an awfully long way.

Hug your kids.  Say you’re sorry.  Be silly.  Let things go.  Try again.  It’s all part of the crazy ride of motherhood.  None of us is perfect at it.  But most of us are far more fabulous than we give ourselves credit for.

And while you’ve been reading this, another fresh start has begun.  Go do something good.  Not just for the kids, but for you too.

Now, go off and be fabulous.  You can do it.  You do it again and again.  You’re raising people who will make the world a little better, in part because of your mothering.

Thanks for that.

Here’s hoping today is exponentially better.

Happy Thursday.



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10 responses to “You’re a Fabulous Mother

  1. Jennifer

    Thank you! I REALLY NEEDED THAT!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. A perfect & beautiful post… thank you… I needed to read that after yelling at my son yesterday for dropping a marionette puppet I had made and tangling it’s strings (I TOLD him not to play with it until I could show him how it works! I couldn’t untangle it and had to restring it…) His response to my yelling? “Don’t you love me? I think you love your marionette more than you love me…” ugh. My heart broke. And all this over a stupid marionette.

    And here’s a little “link-love” for you… You can read about it on my blog or just go directly here

    Thanks again for the today’s post…

  3. You brought tears to this mother’s eyes. 🙂

  4. Kez

    Thanks, I needed that this morning after a bit of screaming last night. 😦

  5. What a great thing to read, especially for a new mom like me!

    Thanks for writing this blog. A friend of a friend clued me into it a few weeks ago, and I am so grateful. I’m looking forward to using your tips, especially as my son gets a little older.

  6. katherinemarie

    So PERFECTLY said!!!! THANK you so very much for reminding us that we are loving, blessed, and beautiful! This mom gig sure is a great one, isn’t it?!

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  8. Rain

    This is one fabulous rockin’ post. Thank you so.

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