The Little Things

The kids made me up lists of why they love me for Mother’s Day (I’m a sucker for gratuitous flattery!) and they really made my day.  They were also a good reminder of what matters to my kiddos.

Sample entries of Anna’s:

You keep your promises, you make us smoothies, you take us camping, you like our jokes, you are super nice, you don’t hit us 🙂

Sample entries of Jack’s:

We cook together, you garden with me, you paint with me, you play with me, you watch Biggest Loser with me 🙂

Sample entries of Victoria’s:

You still read to me, you get messy and have fun, you give me hugs and chocolate, you make silly faces for the camera, you make lots of noise 🙂

(Alex did not make me up a list, but rather stole my chocolate and gave me slurpy kisses, which was just as good.)

I highly recommend getting your offspring to make similar lists for you!  Not only will it make you smile, but it will remind you of what you do right on those days you feel less than perfect as a parent.

Nowhere on any list will it ever say that I kept a tidy house or even that I never yelled.  But I make smoothies and make faces and make a lot of noise, and luckily those are all things my kids can appreciate!

Here’s to gratuitous flattery and all the ways you rock.

Happy Wednesday!



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3 responses to “The Little Things

  1. Love it !! ;D

    ( I see you take us to NE is on there..!! Woot!!!)

  2. katherinemarie

    ohhhhh beautiful! LOVELY! What a treasure… it’s gifts like these that will stay in our hearts FOREVER!

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