To My Child, On Mother’s Day

I wrote this poem years ago and posted it on the Magical Childhood site, and thought it was fitting to post again today…

To My Child, On Mother’s Day

I loved you when you were a dream,
a plan of who I wanted to be as your mother.

I loved you when you were a seed
of hope, excitement and giddy amazement
growing and dancing in my belly.

I loved you when they put you in my arms
and you stopped crying to stare at me and fall asleep,
when your soft, tiny body sank into me
as if every part of me had been made to hold you.

I loved you for the way you watched the world
and hungered to learn and love even before birth.
I loved your raw anger, joy and wisdom,
full strength in such a tiny body.

Now, I watch you continue to burst onto the world
and I love you for every quirk of who you are.
For your long eyelashes, your quick smile, your caring,
your stubbornness and your creativity,
for your laugh, your cries, your kisses,
the way you look fresh out of the bath,
and the feel of your perfect hand in mine.

I loved you before we met.
I think I have loved you forever.
I will love you for always, for all that you are
my beautiful, magical child.

~Alicia Bayer

Mother's Day, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mamas out there!  I hope your day is filled with laughter and love — and a few goodies!  🙂


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7 responses to “To My Child, On Mother’s Day

  1. Oh Alicia~! That brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing your great love with us. I am thankful that you have your children and that they have you. Absolute beauty and magic flow from your words.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Magical Childhood

      Thanks Caitlin. I’m so sorry you no longer have your precious daughter. I’ve heard many stories from Claire about her and what an amazing child she was. Thinking of you this Mother’s Day.

  2. Susan

    Always makes me cry ! Happy Mother’s Day to you too !

  3. Kez


    That was beautiful!

  4. Rebecca

    A beautiful poem and a beautiful picture. Thank you.

  5. katherinemarie

    Your approach to mothering and loving and enjoying those beautiful kids of yours is so wonderful! Your children are blessed beyond measure. They will always know, without a shadow of a doubt how much you treasure and adore them. Hope you MOM’s DAY was as special as YOU!!!!!!

  6. kelly p

    thanks for sharing this! have a great day!

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