Real Life

In the interest of balancing out all the perfect sounding mamas and houses out there, here’s another installment of small confessions just for you.  🙂

  1. Directly below this sign in the upstairs hallway is a doorknob-sized hole in the wall where a child opened the bathroom door a bit too enthusiastically. 
  2. I brought four pieces of dry whole wheat bread to stave off starvation when we headed out to a swimming event today.  By the time we got to the last piece as we were leaving, the kids were breaking off chunks and it was like feeding geese at the park.  With less honking and hissing, luckily.
  3. There are currently approximately 87 pounds of stuff on our dining room table.
  4. By the time Alex’s birthday came on Monday (our third birthday in four days), we were so tired that he didn’t even wear clothes for most of the day.  
  5. Most of his presents were from thrift stores.  But he loved them.  🙂

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  1. katherinemarie

    I think thrift store gift are the BEST ever!! They have already been loved a bit… double the LOVE! and of course it feels great to recycle and save a bit. Around here we have fantastic gargage sales… I have such a hard time buying anything NEW.

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