Lions and Tigers and Bears Can’t Compare

You can take a small boy to the zoo and show him tigers and rhinos and black bears and emus…

But if he finds out that a peacock will come this close when you’ve accidentally dropped two Cheerios…

Nothing else can possibly compare!

Zoos are fabulous, but I love that kids can often be just as enchanted feeding some treats to some pigeons, squirrels or ducks at the park.  🙂

Happy Wednesday!


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3 responses to “Lions and Tigers and Bears Can’t Compare

  1. Yup! It’s the same reason my boys get such a kick out of getting clack-capped chickadees to land on their hand to take a black oil sunflower seed.

  2. Oh! So sweet & enchanting, indeed…

    and re: Risa’s comment… I’ll have to try that with the chickadees in our garden… would they really come and eat out of our hands? Unbelievable!

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