10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!

We made it through two birthdays here and are presently on our third.  Jack turned 7 on Friday, Victoria turned 12 on Saturday, and Alex turns 3 today.  Boy is that bittersweet!

Let’s get on with it then!  Here’s ten new ways to make some magical memories with your kiddos this week……..

1. Decide on some summer goals. Summer vacation is right around the corner.  Think up family or individual goals you’d like to accomplish this summer.  Family goals could include spotting all 50 license plates or 100 different species of birds (keep a notebook with an ongoing list in the car) or visiting 25 new places.  Individual goals could be serious (passing the next level of swimming class) or silly (spend a whole day walking backwards).

2.  Have dinner outside on a blanket.

3.  Learn how to do something together via You-Tube. Whether it’s painting exotic designs on fingernails, doing Aztec dancing or doing magic tricks, you can find out how to do virtually anything online these days.  (Be careful, as comments and content is sometimes not suitable for little ones.  You may want to search for the desired subject in private and then invite the kids once you’ve found suitable videos.)

4.  Hunt for worms. Hey, for a two year old, that IS magical!  🙂

5.  Bake a treat together for an elderly loved one and bring it over. Be sure to stay a while and visit.  Chances are, you’ll make someone else’s day magical too!

6.  Leave cheerful, encouraging and silly post-it notes in public places.

7.  Print out some coloring pages and color together. Yes, you too.  Yes, even if your child is fifteen.  Coloring can be surprisingly fun!  Use colored pencils or oil pastels for extra special results.  Here are some neat ones if you can get past the ads.

8.  Pick up a cheap boomerang and learn to throw it. It’s harder than it looks!

9.  Hold the kids upside down and let them walk on the ceiling! This is even better if they have slightly dirty shoes.  Boy will the footprints on the ceiling confuse visitors.  😉  (Note:  Impossibly short people like me have to pass this one on to taller members of the family!)

10. Find a body of water (ocean, lake, pond, stream… whatever you can find!) and just go hang out there. The kids can skim rocks, play in the sand, wade, swim, sketch, photograph, drive trucks or even (yes, really) meditate.

And with that, I’m off to plan more cake!  Have a wonderful week.

Don’t forget to take care of you!




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7 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. I wanted to welcome you to Growing Naturally.

  2. Your “10 Ways” posts make me feel happy!

  3. P.S. Happy Birthday wishes to all!

  4. katherinemarie

    WOW– that is some serious birthday magic! Three bdays so close together— you must be going crazy with fun details and lots of love. and I agree with peggy—- your 10 ways posts always make me SMILE and always make me HAPPY!

  5. Lisa

    Hi, I loved your ideas and think we’ll borrow a few but we’ll leave the worm hunting up to you :o)

    Lisa xx

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