Beauty in Parking Lots

Victoria has a new (to her) camera and has been itching to go to a greenhouse with it.  The other day she saw one in the parking lot of the grocery store and she ducked in for 10 minutes of snapping while I picked up goodies for lunch.

My sweetie came back a few minutes later with a memory card full of fabulous photos.  She gave me permission to share some here…

Aren’t they wonderful?

She has a photograph in this month’s issue of New Moon Girls magazine, too.

If you haven’t introduced your kids to photography, I highly recommend it.  Even inexpensive digital cameras can do some pretty amazing things these days.   Jack and Anna also love to take photographs, and I love to see their pictures when we download them later.

Victoria  has decided that she wants to be a freelance photographer and children’s book editor (and adopt 8 daughters and live on a farm near the ocean!).  I think she’s off to a good start.  🙂


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9 responses to “Beauty in Parking Lots

  1. Rebecca

    Those are *beautiful*. She could make a calendar out of them. Really, really lovely.

  2. Juggling Motherhood

    Gorgeous photos! She has done a great job! She should be really proud of herself. What an eye.

  3. WOW! Those are fabulous!
    She has a good eye.
    I am dying to know what kind of camera is it?

    • Magical Childhood

      Sharon, she uses a Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS. We got it used at Ebay, in part to replace a camera she got for Christmas that broke and in part as a birthday present. The PowerShot series is really nice (my camera is part of the same line) and can be found pretty cheaply used if you can be patient (which can be tricky for us!). 🙂

  4. These are very pretty! She did a good job! and I agree you should introduce you child to photography or any type of art at that.
    you should check out my blog I hand off my camera to my 1 1/2 year old son who actually gets some amazing shots in what I call From a toddlers prospective.
    and by the way I LOVE YOU BLOG! 🙂

  5. katherinemarie

    ummmm ya, she is off not only off to a good start but a SENSATIONAL and AMZING START! Tell her I’m in awe of her first flower photo shoot– such GREAT & BEAUTIFUL images!!! I think it would be fun to turn these into post cards or photos cans or …. :):):)

  6. Aly

    Amazing! You’ve got a very talented young lady in your midst!

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