Wise Words

“Discipline isn’t just about winning or losing.
Every power struggle offers you the opportunity
to connect with your child or disconnect.
The relationship you will have with your child
when he’s an adolescent
lies in the words and actions you use today.
Ultimately your real power is in that emotional bond.”

–Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
Kids, Parents and Power Struggles

I had this long story from today that I was going to share on this theme, but I think Ms. Kurcinka said it well and I have to get up early for a 1900’s era birthday party.  Sometimes less is more!

Happy Saturday!


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6 responses to “Wise Words

  1. Juggling Motherhood

    At first I loved the idea about connecting with your child or disconnecting with your child. Then I read the whole quote and loved it ALL! You are really good at finding the best quotes. (I’m bowing down to the quote master!!)

  2. Jamie

    This is so true. I have realized recently when tangling with my 16yr old, that if I stay calm and speak words that make since…he actually absorbs the info. His attitude cools…he might not be happy about the situation, but I did not loose my cool or the opportunity to help him grow.
    Creating a bond with your child is like insurance for the really tough times, when things get rough… your personal bond will be there to help them rebound. That is if we have taken the time to secure the bond when given the opportunity!

    Great passage! Thanks for posting!

  3. I love it! I’ve printed it off and this quote is now hanging on the fridge, where I’ll see it a billion times a day. Thanks!

  4. katherinemarie

    GREAT stuff! Disconnect or Connect—- love that!

  5. Oh… how I think and say this type a thing often. I really like how this is worded though. 🙂 LOVE IT!

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