Fairies Seem to Love Michigan

I’ve wanted to visit Ann Arbor for years because of the fairy doors all over the city, but now I’ve found out that Northville (also in Michigan) hosts lots of fairy doors too!

Take a look at some of these darling little entryways.  I think it must be at least a tiny bit magical to live in a city that has tiny little bits of whimsy scattered so nicely through itself!

Does your city have any fairy doors?  Does your house?  We have a little gnome door on an outside tree and we made salt dough fairy doors last year for inside.

I am now inspired all over again.  Maybe we’ll have to make more!

If you want to see more of Ann Arbor’s fairy doors for inspiration (or to go visit!), here’s a site with pictures and a map.  You can even see inside some!

Happy Tuesday!



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5 responses to “Fairies Seem to Love Michigan

  1. Hey! I had no idea Ann Arbor and Northville had fairy doors all over the city! I live about a 30 minute drive from both. I am interested to see where you are from. How in the world did you discover that?

  2. Magical Childhood

    Sharon, I’m in rural Minnesota (close to Walnut Grove, of “Little House” fame). I heard about the fairy doors in Ann Arbor years ago. I tend to seek out fairy related stuff! 🙂 I just discovered the Northville fairy connection through a Facebook post.

    If you go explore the fairy doors in either town, please let me know what you think!

  3. Wow! This is really special. I’ve never seen a place with little fairy doors. Now, I’m going to start seeking them out….

  4. Shelby township now hosts Faery doors in local businesses thanks to Simply Creative Boutique. They also host Faery door scavenger hunts seasonally.

  5. Jane

    Traverse city also has various fairy doors and a fairy trail you can walk at The Commons where local people have made unique fairy houses all through the woods 🙂

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