10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Here’s ten ways to connect with your kiddos and make some memories this week — in pictures!

1. Decorate your yard for the wee folk.

2.  Play basketball together in the driveway or park.

3.  Find some fabulous old or abandoned site to explore together and talk about what life may have been like there, way back when.  Be sure it’s safe and you have permission!

4.  Get out a bunch of craft supplies and odd bits from the recycling bin and challenge the kids to create something fabulous.

5.  Let the kids use your clothes for a fashion show.

6.  Use plastic bags to make t-shirts.  Just don’t be too upset if the add-ons peel off by the end of the day!  (Note: we used the original tutorial that Teacher Tom used the first time, but this link takes you to his updated post with new info so perhaps you can have better luck than we did with permanence.)

7.  Stage a treasure hunt through the house and yard.

8.  Go hiking in the woods and see what sorts of treasures you can find.

9.  Spend the day at a new-to-you park, botanical garden or other outdoor area you’ve never explored together.

10.  Take pictures of each other jumping in the air.  It’s harder than you think and great exercise, not to mention fantastic fun.  🙂

Have a magical week!  Don’t forget to take care of you!



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3 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. Wow!! I guess we did a LOT of magical stuff, eh!?!? 😀

  2. Magical Childhood

    As always! 🙂

  3. You’re so creative! I’ll have to pass this along to my husband’s aunt who has a 7 year old at home!

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