Art and Crafts and Sales and Such

Here’s a few of the fabulous things I’ve found online to inspire me, add to the to-do list and even spend a bit of cash on recently…

I love this fabulous idea for a family rules sign.  I’m not in love with any project that’s described as one of the most tedious projects ever, though, so I’m thinking that we should try to come up with a lazy version here.  You know I’m all about lazy.  🙂

I’m also loving this idea for making art using plywood and joint compound.  I would love to do this with the kids!  Of course ours wouldn’t be as elaborate, gold framed or hang in front of darling little dogs, but I bet we could have a blast and make something fabulously fun to put somewhere!

We love real maple syrup around here and sometimes I make up a simple syrup (sugar and water, boiled together) to add in to make it last longer.  Sometimes I also make up fruit syrup with fresh or frozen berries and some sugar.  But when we don’t have the real stuff or time to make up a batch of fruit syrup, I hate to buy the high fructose, artificially flavored, chemical laden stuff.  This recipe seems like a perfect substitute!  This is definitely on the list of stuff to try soon and keep on hand.

In the market for some adorable, organic clothes for your little ones super cheap?  Happygreenbee kids’ clothes (from the founder of Burt’s Bees) is having a steep clearance sale right now with some items fabulously affordable.  I bought a bunch of their stuff for two-year-old Alex and reviewed it all (for good and bad) here.

And with that, I’m off to discuss playwriting with a very patient husband and read some more about square foot gardening.  And sleep!  I have to work on doing more of that soon!  🙂

Happy Sunday!


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5 responses to “Art and Crafts and Sales and Such

  1. Kez

    I have an even easier version of fake maple syrup –

    1 cup soft brown sugar
    1/2 cup water
    1 tsp vanilla

    Boil sugar and water until sugar is dissolved. Cool and add vanilla. This keeps well in a covered jar or jug in the fridge. It thickens on cooling and can be warmed by standing in a container of hot water before use.

    Not quite as good as the real stuff but far cheaper!! (and tastes good on pancakes 😉 )

  2. I love the house rules! If you (or someone else) comes up with the true “lazy version” PLEASE post about it!
    There has got to be a way. I will brainstorm about it too. It is adorable.

  3. Pam J W M

    For the house rules, I’m wondering if you could cut words out of old magazines, and use mod podge (or watered down glue) to glaze them onto a board. Bonus points for kid-style artwork undeneath!

    I also wanted to share my maple syrup substitute:

    2 parts molasses
    2 parts honey
    1 part water

    Heat until mixed, pour on pancakes. Has more nutritional value thank table syrup, and with the balance of honey and molasses, neither of the distinct flavours is overpowering.

    • Magical Childhood

      Good idea on the sign, and the recipe is awesome! I love the idea of all the healthy benefits from the molasses (and the honey!). We’ll have to try that one for sure. Thanks!

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