10 Ways to Make Today Magical

We’re still in Nebraska but I thought I would pop in with a few ways to add some whimsy to life this week.  Here’s some things we’ve been up to and such to add a bit of magic to life this week…

1. If you have leftover plastic eggs, use them for a bit of fun.  Put different objects in them and challenge the kids to rattle them and guess what’s inside.  Hide them around the house with little tasks written in each one (cluck like a chicken, jump 5 times, spell your name backwards…).  You can even use them for healthy snacks, filled with grape halves, cheese cubes, cereal o’s and so on.

2.  Have lunch in a tree.

3.  Go hiking.  Preferably in some spot you’ve never explored before.

4.  Play mad libs with a favorite picture book.  Have your child list a bunch of nouns, verbs, animals, etc. and every time you come to one in the story, read the next word on the list instead.  It leads to silly fun and sneaks in a bit of grammar!

5.  Make boats out of walnut shells, bark or some other natural materials and sail them down a stream, a ditch or even a homemade puddle in the back yard.

6.  Have egg and spoon races.  Divide the family into two groups and have each team relay race with an egg balanced on a spoon.  We set up a small course in the back yard and had each racer run across the yard, circle a tree and run back to the  next person.  Little ones were allowed to hold their eggs, and we kept running long after everybody had run once.  It was loads of fun, though we did need an extra egg or two!

7.  In a similar vein, have an egg toss.  We stood in a circle and gently tossed the egg to the next person.  Once we’d gone all the way around the circle, we took one step back to make it  harder.  We kept going until Magical Mama Tiffany leaped for a high fastball and became unfortunately goo-covered.

8.  Serve lunch on a stick.  Nearly anything can become a kabob!

9.  Have a “paint everything in sight” day.  Set out beat up old chairs, cement pavers, rocks, anything and let the kids do their artistic magic.

10. Have a treasure hunt for dessert tonight.  Leave cryptic clues that lead round the house and yard.

Have a wonderful week!  Talk to you soon!

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