Little Things

I just stumbled on this old photo buried on Flickr and it made me smile.

Normally, if an old van pulled up across the street and someone started taking pictures you’d probably think your cover was blown, but we know the newspaper editor of our tiny town so I kept blowing and the kids kept playing.

The kids were delighted the next Wednesday to see their picture in the paper.  We have also had a particularly fabulous snowman, several visits with Santa and quite a few play performances memorialized in the paper.  There are advantages to living in a town so small that they still print the “news” of who went visiting whom on Sunday afternoon.  😉

Have you blown bubbles lately?  We’ve painted and planted and pruned and wandered this week, but I still haven’t gotten to the bubbles.  They always make us smile so they’re definitely on the to-do list for this week.


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3 responses to “Little Things

  1. Emily

    I love that the article next to it is about 4-H…another sure sign of a small town newspaper!

  2. This is so sweet, I love that a moment like this could be in the paper!

    Hey, I think I knew you online a few years back, maybe from a parenting book discussion group? Or maybe somewhere else, I’m not sure, but your name is familiar.

    Anyway, nice to find you again, I found you through Kez’s blog.

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