Any Requests?

Eleven year-old Victoria has been having a blast lately making clip art with a free art program we found online.  She made all of these little characters…

She wants me to let people know that she’s happy to do custom work for free!  She already got a request for plant eating dinosaurs and mammoths, leading to some darling little prehistoric cuties.

If you or your kiddos want to play with it yourself, visit SumopaintNote that there are open discussions and there may be inappropriate material on the main site, so it’s wise to explore the site with your child (I haven’t found anything objectionable myself, however).

To open directly into the painting program (which you do online, no download necessary), click here.  This is a wonderfully fun art tool for kids (and grown ups)!



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4 responses to “Any Requests?

  1. Juggling Motherhood

    Please let your daughter know that I love her clip arts! I will pass on the site to my daughter who loves to doodle. Thanks!

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  3. Juggling Motherhood

    We’ve had fun using the sumo application. I’ve included it in my post “My 5 links for the week”

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