Time to Break Out the Do-A-Dot Markers

I’ve been stumbling on crafts involving Do-A-Dot markers (or bingo daubers) all over tonight.  We haven’t had ours out in years and I think it might be time!

Check out these fun projects…

With coffee filters at Charlotte’s Fancy

And with crayon resist

And Ed Emberley touches at Let’s Explore

We mostly just made pictures with ours.  I’m curious what the kids will do after this long away from them, though.  It should be fun to find out.

What are your favorite ways to use Do-A-Dot markers?  If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments!

Happy Wednesday!



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3 responses to “Time to Break Out the Do-A-Dot Markers

  1. Oh!! I’ll have to pick some of those up. I love all the artwork.

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  3. We just did a bunch of art using these. Lots of pics and ideas here:

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