Happy Things

I downloaded photos off my camera today and found so many happy photos.  I thought I’d share a few pictures of the things that make us happy around here.

Impromptu dress-up parades

Pearls with nightgowns

Helping Daddy do dishes

Messy crafts

Outsmarting messy crafts

Insanely delicious homemade jelly we made (with grapes we picked!) last fall

Ice skating

Laundry basket sliding

Library books

Cuddling with Daddy

Art with Mama


“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.”

~Oscar Wilde


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6 responses to “Happy Things

  1. That’s a whole lotta HAPPY!!!! What wonderful memories your children will have. In a way, blogging is like a love letter to our children– singing and capturing the moments we never want to forget.

  2. What a beautiful, magical childhood you are giving them, or letting them have. Sigh. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  3. Lovely!! ;D ….. come bring some of that joy over here, would ya?!!? 😀

  4. So….tell me which books are for you, if they were any good. I’m always on the lookout for a new (to me) one!

    • Magical Childhood

      Lori, none of that whole pile was for me! 🙂 I’m currently reading magazines like Cooking Light, HEM and a whole lot of seed catalogs. Seed Savers and Bakers are my favorites there.

      Someday I’ll get to a real book again, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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