10 Ways to Make Today Magical

1.  Start a pride jar.  Every time you’re proud of your child, write the reason on a slip of paper and put it in a pretty jar. Encourage the kids to peek in their jars!

2.  Learn a childhood game you missed out on during your own childhood.  Whether it’s marbles, hopscotch or jacks, learn it along with your kids and play together.

3.  Send someone some happiness.  Help the kids make up an envelope of confetti, glitter, flower petals, artwork, etc. and mail it to someone who might need a lift.

4.  Gather a bunch of colorful fruits and veggies and some toothpicks, and make your own “Dog Food” style critters.  Take pictures and then gobble.

5.  Play charades.

6.  Invent an ice cream flavor.  Use vanilla or another basic as your base and then soften it.  Mix in your new ingredients and freeze for a half hour to solidify.  Be sure to name it!

7.  Have a dance off.  Put on some great music and challenge everybody to keep dancing.  The last one grooving wins the title (and maybe a silly prize).

8.  Mix tempera paint with dish soap and let the kids paint a cheerful scene on the windows.  Give each child one window to decorate.  The soap helps it clean right off with a wet sponge later.

9.  Go to an ethnic restaurant together and sample a cuisine you’ve never tasted before.

10.  Ask friends and family if you can take clippings of houseplants and start cuttings on a sunny windowsill in fresh water.  After they root, plant them and spread them throughout the house.  They’ll clean the air, look fresh and pretty, and remind everyone of the loved ones they represent.


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4 responses to “10 Ways to Make Today Magical

  1. eva

    I love your ideas but how do you get it all together? Do you plan a week out? Do you follow a schedual? I have two little ones 3 and 1. I have a hard time planning stuff. I do great for a week or two and then I fall off of the wagon. I need advice.

    • Magical Childhood

      I am no good with a schedule at all! First off, I don’t necessarily do all of the ideas I post! I just like having lots of fun options and passing them on for people to pick and choose from. No pressure. 🙂

      Secondly, when little ones are that age, cut yourself a lot of slack! Make life as simple as possible because they’ll run you ragged. With planning stuff, I’m not sure if you mean things like meals and errands you need to run or what to do with the kiddos. I have suggestions on both matters if you’re interested. Just let me know.

      My biggest advice is to never compare yourself to anybody you see online (or off!) though! My house is almost always a mess and I’m terrible at many things you probably rock at. 🙂

  2. I love it! Those idea’s aren’t meant to be planned out….just get you going…thinking like a kid again.
    Kids are so in the moment.
    It’s us adult’s that have to plan things.
    If you don’t feel like going to the store to invent your own ice cream simply ask the kids how you can do it at home if you don’t have ice cream.
    You may wind up with a clever concoction of whipped cream, chocolate and gramcrackers. (Then think of a name for it)
    I really try to involve kids in everything whenever possible. The sky is the limit 🙂

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